5 Benefits of Quality Sleeping

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Sleep is very important in our daily life but we don’t get enough time for proper sleep because of  our work pressure. A quality  sleep has an important role on our body and mind as well as. Sleeplessness can make us feel physically uncomfortable, sluggish and it also prevents us from learning new things and focusing on work. Therefore we must sleep at least 6-8 hours per day in order to be more productive in our daily life. Today i’m gonna discuss about 5 benefits of better sleep.

1 Focus and Attention

A sufficient sleep will allow your brain to stay focused and pay attention on works of your daily life. Lack of sleep will always prevent you from focusing on your work. As a result you have to face many problems like road accident, lose of opportunity, lose of work etc. It can also destroy the peace of love life.

2 It increases memory power

 Researchers has proved that our brain is super active while we are snoozing. Sleep has an important role in a process called memory consolidation. During sleep our brain is very busy in connecting link between events and creating memories. Therefore getting deep sleep is very important for our brain and it also helps us to remember and process things better.

3 Better academic performance

If you wanna perform better in your academic career then you must get enough sleep per day. There is no other better way to prepare for your exam than to get a enough sleep. A well rested brain can enhance your learning skill and memory power as i mentioned before. If you are parents then make sure that your children get enough sleep every night for performing well in studies.

4 Reduce stress and Depression

Inadequate sleep is one of the most important reason behind stress and depression. It also increases high blood pressure and the production of stress hormone. High blood pressure causes cardiac arrest,stroke and stress hormone prevents you from learning anything.

Better immune system and weight loss

Our immune system can identify many harmful viruses and bacteria in our body during sleep. Therefore sleeplessness may affect on the cell of immune system and you may get sick very quickly. A better sleep can prevent us from getting sick.An inadequate sleep may affect on the hormones in our brain- Leptin and Ghrelin which control appetite. As a result you may gain overweight. A better is mandatory to loss our overweight.

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