Aarogya Setu Crosses 5 Crore Downloads In 13 Days; Becomes World’s Fastest Growing App


India’s coronavirus disease contact-tracing app Aarogya Setu became the world’s fastest growing mobile app on Tuesday night with 50 million users in 13 days.

It is to be highlighted that 11 million of these downloads were registered in a single day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to download the application in his third televised address to the nation, according to the Niti Aayog team lead.

Aarogya Setu Becomes the Fastest Downloaded App

With 99% downloads on Android, Aarogya Setu overtook Nintendo’s popular augmented reality game ‘Pokémon GO’s’ record of 50 million downloads on Google Play in 19 days in 2016.

The downloads surged from 39 million to a peak of 100,000 per minute on Tuesday morning following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 10 am address.

By midnight, 50 million people had downloaded the mobile app launched on April 2 to alert users who are at risk of exposure to Covid-19 infection over the past two weeks.

Aarogya Setu Shares Safe Behavioural Advises

Apart from reaching out and informing users about their potential risk of infection, the app also shares safe behaviours and updated medical advisories about the virus containment in 11 regional languages. 

All these apps convert personal and location data into a random anonymous device identification that is saved for two weeks in your phone and the phones of other users within bluetooth range. That usually comes to around 10 metres for most smartphones.

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