Best and top 8 tricks in PUBG MOBILE game | Tips to become a pro player | Pubg tips and tricks


1) If zone is towards you, and your teammate is offline, you can carry your offline teammate with a car& take towards the safe zone.

2) To find the exact distance of the airdrop, you can mark the airdrop with your scope & by Mini map mark a pointer at the same distance in the Same direction, you’ll find the drop over there.

3) Inside the Shed you can stand on the boxes to fire the enemies on your left & Right.

4) To Check whether it’s night mode matches or not,. You can check the bottom- right corner of the screen.

5) If shot from a range of 200m kar98 can damage a fresh level 3 Helmet upto almost 82% & 24 m can damage it almost 87% and an AWM can Fully damage a level 3 Helmet.

6) You can land on top of the bridge in order to reach the other end faster rather than choosing to swim.

7) It takes 38 bullet to blast a buggy with M416. It takes 45 bullet to blast the car with m416. It takes 49 bullets to blast with m416.

8) Stand on the couch and pull the smoke hold it in your hand till the end, now aim towards the stairs only you can see your enemies they can’t see you. One moreway to do this is to stand on the railing and hold the smoke until it blooms.Now take your position over the railing you can see them clearly but they can’t.

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