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What are Shopify Apps?

Shopify apps are a way of extending the functionality of a Shopify store or to provide ecommerce capabilities to websites or mobile apps. Here’s a list of approaches to do this:

  • HTTP API – gives web apps the ability to perform different operations in a Shopify store. Things like adding a customer, getting a list of products, or listening for different events. This is done by means of webhooks.
  • JavaScript Buy SDK – allows you to fetch product information, add items to a cart and checkout either from a website or hybrid mobile apps such as those built with Cordova.
  • Embedded App SDK – allows you to embed your web app directly into the Shopify admin interface. This is useful for apps that have an admin settings page. Instead of the user having to access it on a separate website, the web app will be loaded as an iframe.
  • iOS and Android Buy – used for integrating Shopify checkout into your iOS or Android app.
  • Shopify POS App SDK – allows you to embed your web apps directly inside the Shopify POS.


Shopify API Client for PHP more info


An example PHP Shopify app using the micro framework, Silex. more info

A simple Shopify app in PHP.

Simple app custom app for shopify. more info

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