EARTH HEALING ITSELF -“Changes In Environment”


Since years earth has been deteriorated by mankind that has a devastating effect on its environment. But now when the whole mankind is fighting a battle against coronavirus in contrast to this Earth is healing itself. Due to the decrease in the human activities there has been a gradual fall  in the pollution level , earth is getting more cleaner and greener.


• As due to curb the spread of  pandemic disease corona virus all the industrial activities have put into halt which has led to a major decrease in pollution level. The skies have turned blue and visible and even the air is now more pure as compared to air before the time of lockdown.

• Moreover we all know that the air transport facilities has also been stopped. That has decreased the no of travellers  in both the cases i.e. in commercial as well as international flights. According to a study conducted about 5% of global warming is due to airplane . So decrease in no of flights is decreasing global warming as well as the skies are getting cleaner.

• No one is travelling nowadays that has decreased the number of tourists everywhere. One of the example is Venice . It has been first time in 60 years that the water in the canals of Venice is very clear as well as clean. Even swans fishes and seabirds are back in the canal that has again increased its beauty. It is not only in Venice but one of the holy river of India i.e. ganga has also encountered the same cleanliness as prior to lockdown it was just fit fir for bathing but now it is fit even for drinking.

• Due to social distancing instead of being busy in either their parties or work now most of the people are spending more time in nature rejuvenating themselves. They have been platting more trees and appreciating the nature.

• Even the air has been very clean now that has also increased visibility as now citizens in northern India are able to see the Himalayas first time in history.

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