Ecommerce firms say new rules allow delivery of non-essentials in green zones; CAIT disagrees


Allowing ecommerce companies to sell all items, including non-essential items like laptops and refrigerators, in orange and green zones will provide relief to people and help millions of small and medium businesses and traders to jump-start their businesses amid the lockdown, industry executives said.

Traders’ body CAIT, however, argued that ecommerce companies were misinterpreting MHA guidelines and “twisting (them) in their favour to misguide the various state governments and authorities and to create unnecessary confusion”.

The government has now extended the lockdown till May 17 with a ban on air travel, trains, and inter-state road transport. It, however, gave some relaxations for various business activities and people’s movement within areas with limited or no COVID-19 cases. Under the latest rules, ecommerce activities in red zones are permitted only for essential goods during the third phase of lockdown.

he company urged the government to consider the positive role ecommerce can play to get customers all priority products they need in the red zones as well, enabling a stronger economic support for the small businesses while prioritising safety.

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