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Today I want to share some little tips on how to make your man love you more, how to make your man stay in a relationship and how to make your man happy which basically ends up making him stay.

But before we dive into the HOW TOs, I would love to have you know that I am sharing from my experience and how my woman has made me stay glued to her… (Just a funny fact though), and how she has managed us as a ship sailing amidst of modern issues.
First, I sincerely encourage every lady reading or sharing this piece to note that you are not reading fantasies nor myth. And finally, learn, de-learn and re-learn while mastering the tips I would be sharing in a bit.

I am not in my first nor second relationship, I have had my own fair share of heart break and sincerely I have broken someone’s heart too (even if I didn’t do intentionally…). But like they say “whatever a man gives time and attention, he treasures”, I guess this was how I actually found out that I had actually found treasure when my woman (current relationship) had been my time and attention investment for a while after one and a half year of “NO RELATIONSHIP AGAIN UNTILL I FIND A BABAY MAMA” (funny right?).
To cut the long journey short, I eventually made a move and today she’s my best decision so far in one year now. But I am not here to actually share testimonies right? Right… I am here to share tips with you, and that’s what I am doing next!

There’s a secret to every successful relationship, and the truth is for a man to stay with you, you have to make him happy, and that’s the secret for the females in the game of successful relationships. But making your man happy lies in another secret which is “self-discovery”.Yes! I know right now I’m not making sense but I certainly will at the end of the day. Self-discovery is a recipe I have found to be my woman number one secret.
The problem in many relationships is understanding, or will I say mutual understanding… But understanding can only come when both parties discover who they are individually. This discovery deals with: personality, temperaments, drives, strength and weakness. Once both parties know this truth about themselves, it will be easier to complement each other as you journey together understanding yourselves and acknowledging the fact that you need the help of your partner where you are weak and vice versa.
My woman became a best friend and a thorn in my flesh at the same time just to drive out my personality to the open reality so she could identify me and in the process help me identify myself.In the course of walking through a path in life you would find out that the way you thought it ought to be isn’t the way it is right?
Perfect! I guess you have the answer right at the tip of your speechless lips… (Don’t take me too serious). When we set out to become partners in all that life has to offer, I didn’t foresee any of these current changes which have taken it turn on both of us right now.

Here are the proven ways to make your man love you more, perhaps, make your boyfriend love you more than you wished for:


unlike every other relationship in the past, she made friendship a priority before love. Regardless of how meaningless this may seemingly sound, I still regard it as her best technique.
Why? you may ask. 

Have you forgotten the scripture; “can two walk together except they agree?” 

The answer to that is defined capital NO. Without much brainstorming, it’s obvious that agreement comes from trust and in like term, trust stems from awareness (knowing yourselves), finally, awareness comes from constant engagement (friendship). Can you see the awesome formula of agreement needed in a relationship and its origin.


a relationship is automatically defined as a team which in turn has been identified as “together each achieve more”. Do you get the concept? Sure you have, but just in case you still haven’t gotten the analysis, here’s the concept; she became a partner t every of my ideas and plans, buying into it even when people didn’t while also making a partner to hers to. In this process secrets were eliminated s we had founded an image of having only ourselves as our supporters and this in turn built the perfect trust which every one seek


stop trying to push your errors and faults on partner, rather, take responsibility and work on them while acknowledging them and helping your partner understand that you are working on a better version of you, thereby creating confidence in him while making have a positive view of the future as he foresees a better you.
The truth remains unchanged, and that truth is: every woman is uniquely different. But, every woman not withstanding the unique distinguishing factor, has her own strength of which her man would definitely get addicted to.

Take your time in doing your SWOT analysis, maybe, just maybe it might have a little or huge significance in your relationship.

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