Indian Flag Shining on Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland


Matterhorn Mountain in the mountains of Switzerland and adjacent countries has displayed Indian Flag. The flag was flagged on the mountain to convey the message that India will win in the battle of Coronavirus.

PM Modi has shared a photo of the blazing light on this mountain on his Twitter account. Artist Gary Hofstetter has been lighting up Corona’s escape message over the 14,690-feet high mountain for the last several days. He has also lit the flag of the United States, Italy, England and Switzerland on Matterhorn Mountain along with the Indian tricolor.

PM Modi has shared a tweet from India in Switzerland, writing that the whole world is fighting against COVID-19. Humanity will surely come forward on this worldwide pandemic. Matterhorn Mountain is situated between the borders of Switzerland and Italy.

Artist Gary has been lighting up the mountain since March 24 on the topic of preventing and winning the Coronavirus. They set up a light projection 4 kilometers to the north and east of the mountain. He started with a message like ‘Hope’, ‘Stay Home’. Gary said, “Matterhorn Mountain is like a lighthouse for me, and with Lighting, I came up with the idea to strengthen people’s confidence and give a message.” There is a glimmer of hope. The mountain is already standing here before humans existed on earth.

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