Most popular software development tools?

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When we talk about a software development, it contains the events that start from idea to model designing to first user registration and further improvements. In this article we are gonna talk about the tools that you will need at different stage of software development.


Sketch: This is one of the most awesome tool that product designers can use to increase their productivity. This tool has everything that you need for designing. You can simply use templates tweak them and make them according to your needs. Trust me if you have idea of what you have to design you can easily use it by just dragging dropping elements from different templates and modifying them.


Erviz: Erviz is tool that you will need when you move to the relationship models of your software product. Erviz provides you the diagram of all the relationships just by using some text in the input. It is really handy if you want to design fast. In this you can manage constraints and keys very easily.


Git:Now lets say you are about to start coding, now you must realize how important it is for you to maintain code that others can collaborate to. For this you just have to learn about git and use it. When it comes to versioning control and collaboration in codes there is nothing better than git in the industry. You will need a website which host git repos, few are githubbitbucketgitlab.


IDE:This is something which seems very less value but has great impact on productivity. With good IDEs you can develop really fast and thus reaching to the first MVP which is prime target, can be achieved early. IDE helps you by making you type less, linting the code, managing the indentation, some IDEs maintain the versioning control, IDEs are also use to run the code http://directly.So it is important to choose right IDE.


Stack:With Stack, I mean the technologies that you are going to use to build the software in. This is one of the trickiest part and should be decided very carefully. If you are unable to choose the right Stack it may cost you a lot of time and money in future. Some of the common stacks are MEAN stack, LAMP stack, ROR etc. Stack contains server, database, and application technologies.


Bootstrap used to design faster and simpler websites. The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world.

Ticket or say task management:Now that you have started to build the product and want to keep the track of what others are doing. This can be somewhat accomplished in github which will provide you git repo, but it is better to keep it in different place. You can use trelloasanaJIRA, excel for this purpose. JIRA is most powerful among these but is not free. Go for trello or asana.

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