Why do Smartphones have so many cameras?


Most people love to take pictures using their phones. Be it a selfie or any other picture, we simply love it. However, as much we do love take pictures, may of us have one question in our minds, why do smartphones have so many cameras? Let’s be honest, some of them look really weird and a bit scary. However, there is a reason for all those cameras and we will get to it below. 

1.The Science the Many Cameras on Smartphones:

Everything has got a reason. Even though it may not make sense to us, there is always a reason behind something. Like how thee is reason we have a welcome bonus at casino games.  And to understand the science behind the many cameras in a smartphone, we will start by looking at the use of 2 rear cameras and by the time we get to five cameras, we are sure that you will understand why there are so many. 

2.Rear Cameras:

2 rear will give you a depth of the field. This comes in very handy with portrait mode bokeh effects. It also assists with the ability to separate the foreground from the background for editing. 


The Huawei P20 Pro has four inbuilt cameras. It has three at the back and one at the front. One of the rear cameras is 40-mega pixel color camera. The second cameras on the phone is a 20 mega pixel monochrome camera. The second camera will provide depth information and it will improve the dynamic range of the photo. While the third camera give you 3x optical zoom.


The SamsungA9 has four rear cameras. And these will give you an ultra-wide camera, a telephoto camera, the 24mega pixel camera and a depth camera.


The Nokia 9 Pure view has 5 cameras. 2 of those 5 cameras in color while the other three are monochrome. 

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